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Jesolo is a starting point to visit Venice, thanks to the frequent connections. The quickest way to reach the city is through “Jesolo – Punta Sabbioni” (15 km from us). You can go there by car or by bus (the bus station is 100m from the hotel). In Punta Sabbioni you can find the boat that will transport you every half an hour to Piazza San Marco in Venice. From Punta Sabbioni, or Venice, you can easily reach the islands of Murano, known for the glassware production, Burano, known for the lace manufacturing and for the colorful houses, and Torcello, famous for the Byzantine artifacts like Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral and Santa Fosca’s Church. 


Fascinating city in the Veneto plan, Treviso still maintains an elegant aspect. The city centre is wonderful, among which the channels and little streets, still keep the charm of a city full of history,. The most important places to visit are the “tre colli” , the Dom, Piazza dei Signori and Piazza Sant’Andrea, where the city was originally built. In Cà dei Carraresi some internation exhibitions are shown. The typical cuisine and the famous “radicchio”, together with the famous prosecco, are to be tasted. On Saturday mornings, there is the famous market on Piazza del Grano. 


Padua is an ancient university city, witness of a glorious cultural and artistic past, which makes Padua an important destination from tourist all over the world. It is also known as the city of Saint Anthony. In Padua you can also find the famous Scrovegni Chapel, known for the frescos by Giotto, which is considered one of the masterpieces of Western Art. Caffè Pedrocchi is another important spot to visit: one of the most famous cafè in the world in the city centre. Prato della Valle is one of the symbols of Padua: it is the biggest place in Padua and one of the biggest of Europe.


Verona is situated on the Adige river, 30 km east from the Lake Garda. The St. Zeno basilica in Verona is considered one of the masterpieces of romanic art in Italy. Verona is also known for the Arena: the most important opera house all over the world and for the balcony of Romeo and Juliet, which inspired the famous Shakesperian tragedy. The typical dish of Verona is the “pandoro”, the Christmas dessert known all over the world.


Vicenza is known as the city of Palladio, who created important architectures. It is one of the most important sites not only in Veneto, but in Italy. The city is a World Heritage Site. The “basilica Palladiana” which was rebuilt starting in 1546, is the most famous public building. South-west of the city the visitor can find the sanctuary of “Madonna di monte berico”, which is linked to two apparitions of St. Mary: the first on the 7th March 1426, the second on the 1st august 1428. In Vicenza the visitor can’t miss the typical dish: “baccalà alla vicentina”


Trieste, city of Umberto Saba and Italo Svevo, is a crossroads of cultures and religions. The Castle of Miramare is a wonderful spot on the Gulf of Trieste, few kilometers north of the city. It was built for Maximilian of Asburg, emperor of Mexico and then it was used by the Duke Amedeo d’Aosta. Grotta Gigante is also a very important touristic attraction. It is situated in the plateau near Trieste. The panorama is impressing due to the exceptional proportion of the cavity and the focused enlightment which shows everything that nature has created.


Caorle is located in the Upper Adriatic between Trieste and Venice, it is the tourist center where the sea and the beach marry history and culture. its coastline about 18 km long is made up for the most part by a large expanse of fine and golden sand.


Lying in a large green basin of meadows and woods, between Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, the “Queen of the Dolomites” is surrounded by high mountains made unique by the pink colors of the rocks: Antelao, Sorapiss, Croda da Lago, the Croda Rossa, the Tofane and the Cristallo, Dolomite groups of rare beauty.

Tour Prosecco

An engaging guided itinerary through gentle hills dotted with ancient Abbeys, small churches, Palladian villas, medieval castles and romantic villages. The visit to cellars with tasting to discover and appreciate all the secrets, aromas and flavors of that Prosecco wine famous all over the world.